Can you trust us to do it right?

Yes, you can. Every time.

You want a metal fab company that not only has all the most advanced skills and capabilities but, most importantly, has the deep experience to apply them to your project and not only get it right, maybe even make it better. Rest assured, you have come to the right place because you can trust Airtronics to do it right. Every time.

Our CNC manufacturing floor assures it’s done right

– and saves you money

Our modern 88,000+ square-foot manufacturing facility offers the latest in computer-numerical control (CNC) equipment and processes for every phase of your project. The advantage of CNC to you is that it provides efficient, expedient and precise production capacity and is ideal for creating large quantities of items that formerly required many types of operator-required equipment.

The collective result of high speed, efficiency, specialization, precision and most of all, fewer labor hours, all add up to a better bottom line for your business.

Robotic Press Brake Silicon Valley

Our engineering capabilities really set us apart

But what really sets Airtronics apart from other custom sheet metal manufacturers is the expert mechanical design and CAD-based engineering services that we bring to the table. Our clients frequently comment on how much our engineers improved their products.

Through product design, our engineers also know how to optimize manufacturing to keep costs down for our clients. (See testimonials below.)

Please read more about our engineering capabilities for that added assurance you can trust us to not only do it right, but do it better.

Jim’s CAD talent and design savvy was pivotal in our products’ success”
Dennis Cohan,
President, Solution Containment

Our time in the business and ISO certifications work to your advantage

While we’re proud of our years of experience, we don’t take it for granted. After all, if you continue to do something wrong for 25 years, that doesn’t necessarily make you good at what you do.

We know that and so we continue to hone our craft and advance the capabilities on our manufacturing floor with – not just capable machines – but with a capable workforce. We’re especially proud of all the hard working and capable employees that take care of our customers on a daily basis and do their job well.

We also consistently follow ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 procedures to ensure the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction, and have over 30 years experience in the field working with a vast array of industries including– but not limited to:

  • Semiconductor
  • Medical (see example)
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation (See review below)
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Food Service (read about our “Metal Gourmet”)
  • Architecture (see example)
  • and more
Airtronics understood our needs and was there with their experience and expertise to make the appropriate adjustments that best addressed all of the requirements. They play the role of a real true partner at all times.”
Pedro Jimenez,
CEO BEA Transit Technologies, San Jose, CA

Our customers agree –

Yes, you can trust Airtronics to do it right.

It’s easy to brag; anyone can do it. So rather than toot our own horn, how about we let our customers speak for us and tell you what you need to know about Airtronics. I think you’ll see from their experience that, yes, you really can trust Airtronics to do it right.

"We’ve been working with Airtronics Metal Products for over 18 months. During that time they helped us complete and adapt our designs to the next level of excellence, not only from a mechanical perspective, but also for a more cost-effective manufacturing process.

Our product is a very complex mechanical system that requires a great deal of integration with a host of other components and devices. Nevertheless with the support of Airtronics experienced design and manufacturing team, we were able to create one of the most advanced pieces of fare collection equipment for the transit industry.

Airtronics understood our needs and was always there with their experience and expertise to make the appropriate adjustments that best addressed all of the requirements. They played the role of a true partner at all times.

We feel very fortunate and grateful to have found a partner such as Airtronics. No matter the size or complexity of the project we bring to them, we feel very confident that they will always help us find the right solution.
Pedro Jimenez,
CEO BEA Transit Technologies, San Jose, CA
Transit/Bus/Train Fair Collector
"I have been a customer of Airtronics for 7 years. We came to them with a primitive version of our product that we had put together on our own. I asked Jim Ellis to make every improvement that he could to our existing product. He then re-engineered every component and produced a design that exceeded my expectations.

Then they went to work to build the product and produced a ‘best in class’ finished product from the electrical components to the powder coating to the overall fit and finish.

Over the past 7 years they have continued to make modifications to provide continuous and never ending improvement to our product including the introduction of a new, larger version of our original product. Jim’s CAD talent and design savvy was pivotal in our products’ success. I’m no expert on fabrication, but when I see a facility with the amount of equipment they have, that is neat, clean and well organized, I know it is a well-run operation.”
The Solution infection control mobile unit sheet metal manufacturer

So, should you trust Airtronics with your job?

There is no doubt with our experience, our expertise, and our many happy customers, Airtronics has the expertise, equipment, manufacturing process and production knowledge to meet your custom and standard sheet metal fabrication requirements.

We hope you’ll join us with your project. You won’t be disappointed.