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Metal Gourmet – Mobile Food Carts and Trailers

metal-gourmet-thank-you“In early 2008 a gentleman approached Airtronics Metal Products Inc., San Jose, Calif., about fabricating a new kind of hot dog cart. Santa Clara County was about to enact new health code regulations that made old push-style carts obsolete. He thought if he could develop a new cart style he might be able to sell some and eventually start his own business selling food to hungry and hurried pedestrians.

It’s not unusual for someone to come in with only an idea in mind or sketch.

He was a plumber, but his wife had experience as a sidewalk vendor of food. In short, he had a dream that a fairy godmother with no CAD access might have trouble delivering. Airtronics, a 49-year-old precision fabricator with its own in-house paint and powder coating capabilities, wouldn’t have trouble relating to the would-be wheeler-dealer of wheeled-dealies.

It’s not unusual for someone to come in with a project. They may have an idea in mind or sketch. Then that’s when they come to us,” said Airtronics President and CEO Jeff Burke. And that’s when the work begins. Spurred by a request from a hot dog vendor and the explosive growth of the mobile food market, Airtronics launched its own Metal Gourmet™, a subsidiary devoted to the design, assembly and distribution of high-end mobile food carts and trailers.” – Reprinted from The Fabricator

This cart is much more representative of Airtronics’ design talents: taking ill-defined suggestions and turning out a topnotch product.”

Dan Davis, Editor in Chief, The Fabricator

What distinguishes Metal Gourmet from other food carts is its modular design approach which allows users to select the equipment (such as steamers, griddles and grills) and layout to best fit their food preparation needs.

Before launching Metal Gourmet, Airtronics consulted with chefs and caterers, and worked closely with the Santa Clara County Department of Health to ensure its carts would be both user-friendly and fully compliant with California health codes, among the most strict in the country.

Metal Gourmet Trailer

The Gourmet Food Trailer is California compliant and features modular construction which allows you to choose the components and layout to best suit your needs

Whether you are catering parties, serving at sports events or selling food as a gourmet street vendor, the Gourmet Food Trailer is designed to meet all your food preparation needs. The modular design enables many layout configurations—with stainless steel steam trays, fryers, up to four sinks, grill, griddle, BBQ, refrigerator, condiment trays and food preparation areas. Built on a tubular steel frame, the Gourmet Food Trailer is a NATM-approved, highway rated trailer with a tough stain-resistant powder-coat finish (many colors available).


Gourmet Steamer Trailer

The Gourmet Steamer Trailer’s modular construction allows you to choose the components and layout to best suit your needs

The Gourmet Steamer Trailer features stainless steel food preparation areas, refrigeration, a sink, condiment trays, and umbrella storage on a NATM-approved, highway rated trailer with a tough stain-resistant powder-coat finish (many colors available).


Gourmet Catering Cart

The Gourmet Catering Cart is built to meet the needs of catering and food service professionals.

At home, at sport events, catering parties or selling food as a street vendor, the Gourmet Catering Cart is designed to meet all your food cooking needs. The standard configuration includes a gas-controlled Griddle, Steamer and Grill, warmer trays and storage compartment. Some layout variations are possible. A tough stain-resistant powder-coat finish (many colors available) and a rugged frame with heavy duty wheels make this the ultimate Gourmet Catering Cart.


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