The Airtronics Touch

Case Studies of Some of Our Favorite Projects

We believe these stories will help you understand why Airtronics has a special ‘touch’ when tackling projects and working with our customers. We hope you’ll join us with your project. You won’t be disappointed. These clients weren’t.

As the need for infection control grew, the need also grew for an effective, durable containment unit that was simple enough for one man to use in above-ceiling environments. Enter PREVENT Life Safety and Airtronics.

When San Francisco’s NC2 Studios conceived “Bok Modern” – an innovative line of panels, railings and screens – they selected Airtronics to punch, laser and bend their designs into reality. See how this partnership evolved into magnificent works of art.

Spurred by the explosive growth of the mobile food market, Airtronics launched its own Metal Gourmet™, a subsidiary devoted to the design, assembly and distribution of high-end mobile food carts and trailers.