The Solution – Infection Control Enclosure Unit

Airtronics’ engineering expertise and value-added manufacturing capabilities allow us to precisely manufacture and assemble custom products ranging from military field equipment to clean room systems.

For “The Solution,” our customer came to us with plans to build an enclosure for above-ceiling work in vents, ducts and electrical with the goal to contain the environment for hospitals and clean rooms so there would be no contamination outside the unit.

Their Solution –

Their solution was to build an enclosure that they could roll into place, raise a bellows to the ceiling to lock it in place, then turn a HEPA filter system on before removing the ceiling tiles. The intent was that the unit would create a barrier to the contaminants on the outside environment.

The Airtronics’ Touch –

Jim saw an opportunity to improve upon it. He developed a self-contained rolling enclosure for a single-person using an integrated Airtronics-designed HEPA filter as part of the system. He also developed a lift system to raise the bellows to the ceiling and lock it in place.

Infection-control duct cleaning access system for medical and clean room applications.

Operator is fully enclosed in unit, which features HEPA filter and telescoping top.

The Result

Today the system accomplishes the goal to contain 99.97 on 0.3 microns and is used in hospitals, clean rooms, and other areas where dirt and dust can be a problem.

What did the client think? Let’s Prevent Life Safety Services speak for themselves:
"I have been a customer of Airtronics for 7 years. We came to them with a primitive version of our product that we had put together on our own. I asked Jim Ellis to make every improvement that he could to our existing product. He then re-engineered every component and produced a design that exceeded my expectations.

Then they went to work to build the product and produced a ‘best in class’ finished product from the electrical components to the powder coating to the overall fit and finish.

Over the past 7 years they have continued to make modifications to provide continuous and never ending improvement to our product including the introduction of a new, larger version of our original product. Jim’s CAD talent and design savvy was pivotal in our products’ success. I’m no expert on fabrication, but when I see a facility with the amount of equipment they have, that is neat, clean and well organized, I know it is a well-run operation.”
The Solution infection control mobile unit sheet metal manufacturer

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